Pension Information

pensionsWhen the proposals were first put forward for changes to pensions UNISON  highlighted the fact that the changes were ‘cost neutral’ meaning that there will be losers as well as winners and  that the new State Pension is not simply an increased Basic State Pension.  It in effect merges the Basic State Pension with the Second State Pension.

Many of our members will in due course receive a higher state pension than they would otherwise have received although at a cost of paying more in National Insurance contributions. What is equally apparent is that many of our members who are relatively close to their State Pension Age will not get the full new State Pension amount of approximately £150 a week, a fact which is not recognised.

This briefing explains this in greater detail and lets members near to their State Pension Age know how they can get a pensions forecast of their new State Pension.

The new state pension briefing2015 (pdf)

The Pensions Unit also answer questions sent by email to:

In this briefing is a summary about salary sacrifice schemes and your pensions, you may wish to seek further advice on this and how salary sacrifice may affect your pension.

Salary sacrifice schemes nhs pension (PDF)


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