News From our Regional Secretary

National Delegate Conference
The National Delegate Conference will soon be upon us.
 The regional pre conference briefing will be: Monday 15 June 2015 at 6:30pm at  Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. Refreshments will be provided.
We are sending 2 delegates to represent our branch we hope they have a good conference!
Glasgow Homelessness Caseworkers Strike – now in eleventh week
While we are in Glasgow for the conference it would be good for all to know that the Glasgow Homelessness Caseworkers strike continues. They are striking over workloads, job descriptions and grades, which is now in its eleventh week.
If the strike is still on during conference then it may well be that there will be some solidarity actions for delegates to take.
Some links to branch website are below.
Strike in Probation on Thursday 11 June
UNISON members in the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies have voted for industrial action over the 0% pay offer for 2014.
73% voted yes to take part in a strike and 88% voted yes to action short of strike action. UNISON’s National Probation Committee have agreed a programme of industrial action which has subsequently been endorsed by UNISON’s industrial action committee.
The hope is that the ballot result will encourage the employers to re-open pay talks to improve the offer, however if they do not, the industrial action will start with a 24 hour strike on Thursday 11 June and be followed by a period of action short of strike action. For more info go here:
Jobs at the Regional Office
We have some jobs being advertised here in the West Midlands region. We have one permanent Area Organiser post, three one-year Area Organiser posts and four one-year local organiser posts being advertised.
Links are below.
Closing dates for all posts is Wednesday 17th June 2015
UNISON joins calls to move 2022 World Cup
UNISON is urging members to sign a petition calling on world football governing body FIFA to re-run the vote for the choice of venue for the 2022 World Cup and move to a venue where workers’ rights are respected.
This call comes in the wake of the news that 1,200 workers have already died in the preparations for the 2022 tournament in Qatar, as workers’ safety and rights are ignored in a reckless effort to try and get things ready in time.
The International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) estimates that up to 4,000 workers will die before 2022 unless FIFA reverses its’ decision.
The situation in Qatar is made worse by the ‘kafala’ system under which migrant workers are bound to their employer, making it harder to challenge abuse.
Passports and visas are also often confiscated by the employer, so the worker cannot leave the country without their permission.
The unions is urging people to sign the Play Fair Qatar Petition which can be found here:

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