International News

News from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign supported by UNISON please follow this link for more information:

Workers at Cervecería Nacional, Panama’s beer and soft-drink subsidiary of global brewing giant SABMiller, have been on indefinite strike since July 10th in a conflict over basic trade union rights.

For more information and to support them please follow this link:

A Labour Start Campaign on Union Busting:

Mulberry is a British company that produces luxury goods like leather bags.  It proudly proclaims its commitment to “corporate social responsibility”.

On its website you can read that Mulberry insists that its “suppliers should respect the rights of employees to join or form an association of their choosing (such as workers council, union, or workers association)”.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Except that it’s not true.

One of Mulberry’s key suppliers, SF Leather in Turkey, is now engaged in a campaign of relentless union-busting.

For more information and to send a message of support please follow this link:



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