International News

UNISON’s stance on the bombing of Syria can be found at:


Avaaz are asking for support for refugees who are under threat of becoming scapegoats for the terrible acts of violence we have been witness to. They are asking that we answer hate with humanity.

They are fleeing terror… running from violence just as vicious as the attacks that have shaken Paris, Beirut, and Bamako. Yet they risk becoming tragic scapegoats unless we act now.

More than ever, thousands of women, men, and children are arriving at Europe’s doorstep — hungry, exhausted, sick… only hoping that someone soon will just open one door, and the nightmare they are fleeing from will be over.

If you would like more information please follow this link:


Do your solidarity and fair trade shopping at the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign website follow this link for more information:

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign will also be having a stall at the Horniman Christmas weekend on the 5th & 6th December. There will be a carol concert, children’s’ activities, outdoor market and the amazing views over London as well as the museum. Our stall is up the top near the alpacas.

Link to the event:





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