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News from our International Officer

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The Palestine solidarity Campaign is asking for help to protect local democracy. The UK Government is trying to prevent local authorities from divesting from companies linked to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land:

To sign up to the campaign:

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Event Celebrating Young Volunteers in Nicaragua

The Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign have an event you can attend on the 11th February 2016 6.30-8.30. The venue: The Calthorpe Arms 252 Gray’s Inn Road London WC1X 8JR.

To register a place:

Labour Start

Labour start are calling for support for a campaign to end modern day slavery.

Modern-day slavery is everywhere: from the cotton farms of Uzbekistan, to domestic workers in Mauritania and cattle ranches in Paraguay; from the fisheries in the Philippines, to the World Cup construction sites in Qatar. The production chain of the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the World Cup that you’ll watch on TV is hiding a harsh reality for millions of workers.

To support this campaign please follow this link:

IUF Urgent Action

Two hundred workers at AFFCO, the New Zealand meat company owned by the anti-union Talley family, have been locked out since June last year for resisting the company’s brutal push to replace negotiated collective agreements with individual contracts. Talleys/AFFCO is also punishing union members and workplace representatives with suspensions and dismissals.

To support this campaign and learn more please follow this link:

IUF have an editorial on TTP and why the fight must continue, for more information please follow this link:

Stop The War Coalition

Newsletter from stop the war Coalition:

stop the war coalition newsletter jan 2016

Newsletter from ACTSA








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