Living Wage Week

woman holding living wage sign

Living Wage Week runs from Sunday 30 October to Saturday 5 November. The new rates for the UK and for London will be announced on Monday 31 October. More news will follow once the announcement is made.

The idea behind a living wage is very simple: that a person should be paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family. The living wage is different to the minimum wage and UNISON has been actively campaigning for all workers to receive a living wage.

Living Wage Week also coincides with Young Workers Month. If you are under 27 and a UNISON member then you automatically qualify as a young member.

Are you a young member and would like to be more involved in the branch, please contact the branch office. It would be good to hear from you and your perspective on UNISON campaigns and the work issues that matter to you.


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