Labour Party Conference; A reflection from a rep

September is conference season; Parliament goes into recess and all of the major parties hold their annual conference.  This year the Labour party held theirs in Liverpool. Joy Millward, Cleaner for Edward street hospital and UNISON member/rep, went along and sent us this brief report.

“Going to conference on a visitors pass, rather than as a delegate, meant that I was able to go along to some of the hundreds of fringe meetings rather than just participating in the discussions on the main conference floor. (Fringe meetings are small side meetings organised by various organisations). Brexit was the main focus for around half of the fringe meetings so there was lots of lively discussion around how we take Britain forward.”

One of the first fringes I went to was ‘Labour against Austerity’. There as a long list of speakers including Cat Smith MP, Richard Burden MP, Diane Abbott MP and our own Assistant General Secretary Roger McKenzie who gave a barn storming speech that was extremely passionate and very well received.”

“The highlights for me were listening to actor and Shrewsbury 24 activist Ricky Tomlinson on his campaign for justice; meeting John McDonnell after hearing him give a rousing call for party unity; and unexpectedly getting a ticket to watch Jeremy Corbyn’s speech which inspired me to get it out there and tell people why we need a Labour government”.

“Liverpool gave delegates and conference visitors a really warm welcome and I hope that other UNISON members consider going to next year’s conference in Brighton.”

“Don’t forget as a UNISON member you can be an affiliated Labour member for no extra cost – which means you can get involved in your local Labour party.”



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