UNISON Living Wage

Unison continues to campaign for the real living wage announced annually by the living wage foundation. It is calculated on what an individual needs to earn for a basic decent life. The current living wage is £8.45 outside London and £9.75 in London.  This is not to be confused with the governments National living wage/minimum wage. The issue with the current minimum wage is 2 people could work alongside each other doing the same job but earning significantly different wages. This is unfair and discriminatory, so it is important we continue to campaign for all workers to receive a living wage to live and not exist!

The new rates  which increase on the 1st April are:

25 years and over £7.50

21-24 Years £7.05

18-20 years £5.60

16-17 years £4.05

Apprentices £3.50

 Importantly the minimum wage is enforced by HMRC if you are concerned you are not getting these rates after the 1st April 17 then you can call 0800 917 2368. Workers can call in confidence or if you require further advice you can contact your local rep.





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