th3I45KCH8The education officer helps arrange training courses and education programmes for members, stewards, health and safety reps and branch officers. Our Branch Education Officer is Debra MacKellar.

Any steward, health and safety rep, union learning rep or branch officers have a right to paid time off for training in their union duties in most workplaces. This also applies to part-time activists and those who take part in online courses. If you are having difficulty getting time off please speak to our education officer for some advice.

The main unison page has information on courses available for activists please use this link: for more information.

The West Midlands Regional Education & Training Committee provides a website where our members and activists will find a wide variety of workshops, courses and learning opportunities.

The site has details of Activist Courses, aimed at workplace representatives and branch officers, and those who wish to involve themselves in the activities and campaigns of our union.

Below are courses available for REPS you can apply online at

  • Representing members: sickness absence reviews 18th September 2017
  • Dealing with TUPE Transfers – 3rd October 2017
  • Lay Tutor Training – 9th, 10th & 11th October 2017
  • Dealing with a Grievance Case – 30th & 31st October 2017
  • Understanding Apprenticeships – 16th November 2017 

There is also a programme of Courses for members, they are aimed at building up confidence, skills and knowledge  which will help members, to keep pace with an ever changing nature of work.

  • Managing Behaviour (Primary School Staff) – 10th October 2017
  • Coping with Workplace Change – 17th October 2017
  • Maintaining work/life Balance 19th October 2017

For more information and to apply please visit our website

Courses available to all members


 Conferences and Seminars 2017

Health Conference 24th-26th April

National Young Members Weekend 12th- 14th May

UNISON strategy meeting developing our work for intersex equality

15th May 12-3pm

National Delegates Conference 20st- 23th June

UK Black Pride 24th June 11-6pm

National UNISON Transgender members meeting 14th July 9.30-12.00

National UNISON bisexual members meeting 14th July 1.00-3.30

National disabled LGBT members meeting 15th September 10.00-3.00

National Black LGBT members meeting 17th September 10.00-3.00

Retired Members Conference 10th-11th October

Disabled Members Conference 28th- 30th October

LGBT Conference 17th-19th November

For more details please visit:

If you are interested in attending one of these conferences or seminars then please discuss as quickly as possible with the Education Officer Debbie Mackellar or Branch Secretary Steve Francis. It will also need to be discussed at a branch meeting, the expectation will be that you give some feedback about the event to the branch.



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