How to join

Can I join your union?

Anyone employed in providing public services can join UNISON. That includes people working:

  • in the public services
  • for private contractors
  • in the utilities
  • in community and voluntary organisations.

Joining UNISON means you have access to stewards and reps who are there to help you with your workplace problems.

Members of certain political parties that promote racism are not eligible for membership of the union. This specifically includes, but is not solely limited to, the British National Party, the National Front and similar parties.

How much does membership cost

Membership costs are staggered depending on how much you earn, so low-paid workers will pay less than high-paid, which is only fair. You will select your pay band on our application form.

Use the table below to find out how much it will cost you:

Your annual pay Your monthly subscription
Less than £2,000 £1.30
£2,001 – £5,000 £3.50
£5,001 – £8,000 £5.30
£8,001 – £11,000 £6.60
£11,001 – £14,000 £7.85
£14,001 – £17,000 £9.70
£17,001 – £20,000 £11.50
£20,001 – £25,000 £14
£25,001 – £30,000 £17.25
£30,001 – £35,000 £20.30
Over £35,000 £22.50

Students are entitled to UNISON membership for just £10 a year.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay Union contribution is through your salaries. If you choose this method on your application form, we will contact salaries to have your union contributions automatically deducted from your wages.

The other way to pay is by Direct Debit

Please follow this link for an application form:

How long does it take to become a member?

As soon as we receive your form your membership will begin providing you qualify, though it may take several days for the form to be entered and for you to get a membership number. After about 3 weeks, you should receive a membership pack from our regional office. This will include your membership card, as well as the benefits of joining our union.

You will need to have been a member for at least 4 weeks to be entitled to free legal advice from our solicitors Thompsons.

You can join online at the link below:

  • Please remember to select a political fund A lot of people forget, and this will slow down your application as we need this information to process your form.
  • Again, for the same reasons, please ensure you’ve ticked a box for your pay band!

If you want an application form please ask a local rep or call the branch office.


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