Branch meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 1pm, the meetings alternate between Penn hospital and Edward street Hospital. If you would like to attend and need more information please contact the branch office.

Locations of meetings:


Penn Hospital

Penn Road




Edward Street Hospital

Edward Street

West Bromwich

B70 8NL


Branch AGM:

6th March  2018 12.30-3pm

Committee room A

West Bromwich Town Hall

High Street

West Bromwich B70 8DT 

BCH Calling notice 2018

Black Country Health Nomination form2018

AGM Agenda 2018

AGM minutes 2018

Previous AGM’s

AGM Agenda 2017

AGM minutes 2017



AGM Agenda 2016

AGM minutes 2016

communication report 2016 AGM

education report AGM 2016

hamburg report 2016 agm

international AGM 2016

Nicaragua News February 9

picturesinternationalAGM 2016

treasurer report AGM 2016

health and safety report AGM 2016

BCH Branch Rules2016









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