Health Conference

NHS Staff Failed with Violence and Aggression at Work

The UNISON Health Conference launched today and delegates heard how Health staff are being failed with escalating violence and aggression at work. There is a catastrophic impact on individuals physical and mental health, with these individuals taking months to recover.

To see more information on the proposals for this motion at conference and other issues discussed please visit:

Pay Proposals

The pay consultation was launched at the UNISON Health conference. Members are urged to have their say, the consultation runs until the 5th June. The UNISON delegates at conference will be debating the pay proposals on the 17th April.

UNISON are urging members to accept the proposals as it is believed, it is a better deal than would be achieved through the pay review body.

It is a delicate balance with negotiations for UNISON to get what they want for it’s members as well as the combined demands of employers,  the Government and other UNIONS.

If members accept the proposals they will see the money in their pay packets in July. If the offer is rejected the unions will have to wait for the Pay review body and the Government to recommend and implement a pay award. It is anticipated the current offer would be off the table if rejected.

The Question for us as members, is do we accept the current offer or risk an offer that may be worse and the prospect of  industrial action. The Ballot closes at 5pm on the 5th June, have your say!

For more information and links to the consultation:


TUC National Demonstration: Step Up For Public Services


The TUC has called a National Demonstration on the 12th May.  You will be able to join thousands of like minded individuals from various unions who are stepping up for public services.

The demonstration will form part of the TUC Great Jobs Agenda campaign, it sets out the key demands for how we win a new deal for working people

Information can be found at:

Details of the demonstration:

Location: London: Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park

When: 12 May. We will assemble from 11am and move off at 12pm. The rally in Hyde Park ends at 4pm.

Why attend?

Because you care about public services and you like a good day out.

Who can attend?

You. Your family. Your friends.

More details are at:


UNISON Pay Proposals – Have Your Say

UNISON have been in negotiations regarding pay over a number of months. The proposals put an end to the 1% pay cap and involve changes to the pay structure. Now it is your turn to have your say, UNISON will be asking your views on the pay proposals and whether you as members wish to accept them. To find out more information please go to:

Be proud of your UNION, Heart UNIONS week 12th-18th February 2018


There are lots of reasons to love our public sector workers, they do their jobs despite being given a pay cut for the last 7 years. Being part of a union enables public sector workers to have a voice, UNISON does vital work campaigning on members behalf, so please tell us why you love UNISON:



UNISON Lottery

Join the UNISON lottery for as little as £1 a month and you could win cash prizes of up to £1,000.

Your contributions will help to provide vital services to UNISON members as every entry includes a donation to the UNISON charity There For You. UNISON members and their families experiencing  hardship are supported with this charity.

The Lottery is open to UNISON members and branches.

For more information please got to:

LGBT History Month

Let’s help to challenge prejudice!

February is LGBT History Month- a chance to celebrate LGBT lives and culture in order to challenge prejudice and build equality.

Although progress has been made and equality is spreading, there still remains parts of the world where people live In fear for their sexuality.

More information can be found on the main UNISON website with links to a range of  resources about LGBT history.

Demonstrators tell the Government to Fund the NHS Properly

On the 3rd February UNISON members joined other Unions, NHS workers and patients to demand an end to the NHS Crisis and to properly find our NHS.

NHS workers are repeatedly asked to do more for less at work, the emphasis been on saving money.  The NHS has been underfunded to the point where it is under pressure everyday not just during the winter crisis. We need to make a stand and make sure the government is listening.

Please follow this link to learn more: