Crisis in Home Care

UNISON has been campaigning on the crisis in homecare for a long time. Due to government cuts, councils are increasingly outsourcing the care of the most vulnerable people in our society – the sick, the old and the disabled. It results in illegally low wages and 15-minute visits.

UNISON have made a short film highlighting this issue you can view it at:

A petition has been started asking for more funding for social care:


Investigation into Pay Levels for Care Workers

The government minister for care today conceded to a call from UNISON to launch a proactive investigation by HMRC into the care sector to combat widespread, illegal levels of pay.

Work by UNISON and a number of campaigning Labour MPs had secured a 90-minute Westminster Hall debate on care workers, which focused primarily on the widespread illegal pay rates for home care workers.

The debate, which was attended by 20 MPs, was opened by Oxford East Labour MP Andrew Smith, who said that it was an “utter and shameful disgrace” how many care workers across the UK are being treated, adding that it was appalling that the government has done so little to protect them.

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