NMC Consultation

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has launched a major consultation on plans for big changes to how nurses are educated and what they can be expected to do once qualified.

Proposals for the new education and assessment standards include:

  • Increasing the limit on the number of practice hours using simulated situations rather than real-life patients from 300 to 1,150 out of 2,300;
  • changes to the system for how students are mentored while on placement;
  • adding prescribing theory to the degree programme.

You can find full details on the NMC website at nmc.org.uk/nurse2030.


Support with Education

UNISON is offering grants to members studying at further education or first degree levels.

Grant Criteria:

Grants are offered on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is spent.  Funding becomes available at two points in the year:  1 January and 1 September. 

They can be used for study on any general development course or any career related course relevant to working in public services, including public services delivered by private contractors.

Support is not available however for qualifications linked to licence to practice or more generally intended to meet an employer’s statutory and/or legal responsibilities (e.g. health and safety). 

A copy of your course registration and proof that you are meeting the full cost of fees yourself will be required before a grant can be paid. Enclosing a copy of these documents with your application, and completing the attached form for payment to members by BACS, will help us to process your application more swiftly. 

You must be a member of UNISON for at least 4 weeks prior to applying for a grant, have no arrears of subscriptions, and continue to pay membership subscriptions during the time you are supported by a grant. 

Each member can receive one UNISON learning grant only in each calendar year, up to a maximum of four grants.   

Grants are made at the discretion of the NEC Development & Organising Committee.  

The course you wish to study must start in 2016.

Follow this link for full details: Bursary-Application-Form-2016-Learning-Grants-OU-Awards